“It’s chaos, darling.”

I’ve just finished my first novel and today I joined NaNoWriMo so I can start a new one in November. Zoinks.

Previously this blog was called borrowingparis and dealt with life, travel, fashion, etc. Now I’m going to streamline it. That’s what passion is all about, right? Focusing on the favorite.


Writing. Editing. Advice. Agents. Publishing. Books. Literature. Reviews.

I’m a little quirky, so prepare yourself for a well, not bumpy per se, but interesting ride.

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Email me at breannenichole@me.com

And of course, check out my sci-fi thriller Memoria  – a city where memories are currency and they can either save you or sign your death warrant.

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One response to ““It’s chaos, darling.”

  1. I love this…I wish I had something really witty to say, like a ten word alliteration, but I’m sweepy! haha I love you. Happy Posting!

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